Facts you should know when you're planning a funeral 

...from someone who has been there.


Hey there, I’m Ginny. In my early 30’s I lost my mom.

She and my dad were still married, but having lost the North Star that guided his previous 40 years,

he was emotionally paralyzed, and like a hot potato, he dumped the funeral planning in my lap.


Two short years later, I found myself working for the largest funeral services provider

(yes, funerals and all the things that go with them) in North America. As the digital content writer,

I spent my days interviewing subject matter experts from all over the country, people who know people who've guided

families through the process, and people who know things about the industry that most consumers will never find out.

When I planned my mom's funeral, I had the help of a funeral planner and two pastors,

and still the more I learned about the industry while working in it, the more

I wished someone had given me that information when I needed it.


I hope you’ll find the information in this little book helpful. I hope it will untangle the web that seems so confusing

in the midst of grief and give you confidence as you choose the right professionals to work with. 

I hope that sharing what I learned after it was too late, will show you how to save money,

but more than anything, I hope it will help you create a meaningful and memorable goodbye.


What's Inside...

Let me share with you what I wish I had known before I was thrown into planning a funeral for someone I loved so dearly.
I hope these insights will help you save money, stress, and regret... while creating a meaningful memory.


I know that time is likely of the essence,

so I've put my experience into a digital format for easy access and quick reading.



As a consumer trying to navigate the complicated funeral industry, you might feel like you're walking into a money trap. You have rights! There is certain information you are entitled to from the beginning. All you have to do is ask.



You have SO many decisions to make. Yes, there are people to help you, but which ones are selling you? ...and what are they not telling you about everything you have to purchase. From industry lingo to each step you need to take, let's untangle this web together.



I wish I were just walking you through a business transaction, I really do. On top of all of these decisions, you are dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with saying goodbye. Whether you are planning a cremation, a funeral or a memorial, you deserve to feel your emotions, be present with the memories, say goodbye, and celebrate a life. My hope is that my insights will help you navigate the process, in turn, giving you the freedom to soak up the moment and care for your heart.



Can't I just Google what I need to know?

You absolutely should do your online research! But you don't know what you don't know, right? As I share my experience, I hope you'll pickup clarity, a sense of security about your knowledge, creative ideas, and save time, stress and money.

Won't the funeral home tell me everything?

Your funeral director or planner will be a great resource. This book does not take the place of an actual person, but it does give you questions to ask that person, tell you who is who so you can determine what you need, and sheds light on consumer rights.

I hope my experience and the insights I've learned working behind the scenes in the funeral industry will help save you money and stress; I hope they will give you confidence in your ability to navigate this intimidating time; and more than anything, I hope they'll help you create a meaningful memory.